Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Over the summer I've been making Bunnies. This first one is made from wool felt. It's great to work with and is very forgiving. Posie Gets Cozy is a blog written by Alicia Paulson from Portland Oregon. I love reading her blog, her photos and ideas are inspiring. This lovely little Bunny is Alicia's creation and can be purchased in kit form or PDF download. Click here to visit her site.

The second Bunny is knitted. It's great as you can knit a piece each night and put it together when they're all completed. Little Cotton Rabbits - Julie Williams, blogs about her knitted Bunnies. Julie has now issued the patterns to download to make your very own. Click here to visit her site.

Someone asked me who I was knitting/sewing these Bunnies for, the answer is "me". We're all a kid at heart and I'm often making things for other people. So it's nice to keep something for yourself. Although my kids think I'm nuts!!

Also, take a look at Barbara Prime's Fuzzy Thoughts she has a great starter knitted toy project to download for free.

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