Friday, 27 September 2013

Star Struck

Whilst on my Creative Journey I've quietly followed inspiring people through their blogs. I've never commented or made contact up until now. I recently took the plunge and contacted some of these creative folk and I was "Star Struck" when they responded. I couldn't stop smiling.

Since reading Mollie Makes Magazine, I was introduced to a world where I felt part of a Creative Community, which was global. By surrounding myself around creative happy people, either through the internet, magazines and sewing groups, I found it brought out the best in me.

Mollie Makes have some great articles and projects. I came across "Lola Nova" and loved her ideas using scraps of fabric. I was new to sewing and this seemed achievable, which was a relief for me! Alexandra blogs about crafting and her life in Portland, Oregon. 

"Dottie Angel" is a Brit living in America, I love her style of writing. Tif makes Dresses to Dream for. Her collection inspired me to start dressmaking.

My Dottie Angel inspired Dress

Posie Get's Cozy is written by Alicia Paulson who also lives in Portland, Oregon. I made her adorable "Miss Maggie Rabbit". Alicia's photography shows her warm and inviting home with home cooked food, beautifully knitted items and Liberty Patchwork Quilts.

I thank these lovely ladies who have helped me along the way. Who's helped you on your Creative Journey? Was it a relative, friend or sewing groups. I gave a talk to my local Widow's Group about The Little Fabric Store. They told me what they used to make and spoke of their mothers and grandmothers. There's a whole missed generation out there who have not been passed on this knowledge. If we can share what we know not only does it bring immense pleasure but also the joy of making for themselves and others. 

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