Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kirstie's Crafty Christmas

I watched Kirstie's Crafty Christmas this week, not only did I love the programme but also the knock on effect it had on my Pom Pom Maker Sales on my Etsy Shop. As you can see from other posts I've loved my Pom Pom Maker ever since I bought it a year ago. I've used it for so many different decorations and even used it to decorate my stall before my sign arrived.

I've currently sold out of my Pom Pom Makers but have placed an order for more. I'll also be stocking the little small Pom Pom's used on Kirstie's Christmas Hat. So hopefully they'll be available again soon.

Thanks to Kirstie's Programme and to everyone who's bought the Pom Pom Makers. All great news for The Little Fabric Store - Helen - 

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