Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Jelly Roll in Progress

I'm really enjoying my Jelly Roll Quilt at the moment. The Courthouse Steps Design grows so quickly and I love the effect. Here are some step by step photos of the process.

I laid out the required design and then cut each piece to the right measurement using my mat, rotary cutter and ruler.

Starting from the centre I pieced the smallest fabric together facing. 
When I started sewing I didn't even know what tacking was!! The term "Facing" drove me mad, I just didn't know what it meant until I was shown. Here it is, two pieces of fabric with the design side on top of each other and pinned. Then sew together.

  Once sewn together, remove the pins, open out and press. See photo above and below. (view the comments for more useful tips)

Repeat the same process on the other side of the fabric. Then remove pins and open out.

Iron the seams on the back in the same direction. Then iron the front.

These next photo shows I've added the top and bottom fabrics to the centre piece. I've then ironed the seams the same way. Then open out.

Here I've added the next strips.

This is the finished square. 

These photos show the seams at the back. I have them all leaning to the left on the side strips and downwards on the upper strips. 

I hope this information helps you. I've nearly completed all nine squares and I'm looking forward to showing you the next process of attaching all the squares together and quilting. I'll be adding more Jelly Rolls to my Etsy Shop this week. This pre cut is so easy to put together. The colour range is varied and you can add additional fabric to make your quilt bigger. I'm loving the choices you have with them and there's very little wastage too. 

Please send through your ideas and photos of any Jelly Quilts you've made. I'd love to hear from you - Helen - 


  1. Love you are making a go of it. Just a tip, when you have stitched the seam iron it to set the seam before opening, roll open and press this give a great finish.Do this with every stitched seam, lots of ironing ! But worth it for the finish.

    1. Hi Hazel, thanks for your support and taking the time to look at my website. It was great meeting you today. I'd forgotten to add I ironed after opening the seams but I've never pressed before opening. This is something I'll be doing from now on. Thanks for the tip. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Thanks again
      - Helen -

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