Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Jelly Roll Quilt

I've made a start on my new Quilting Project which is always very exciting. I bought one of my Jelly Rolls and started hunting through my books for a pattern. I came across a Quilting magazine I'd bought a few months ago "Creative Quilting". I bought mine from WH Smith, it's a yearly magazine that has a range of different patterns using Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs and fabric you already have in your stash.

This is the Design I chose - Courthouse Steps. The Patterns uses French General but I've used 3 Sisters which also has a traditional feel.

The pattern suggested using darker colours for the outer squares and lighter for the middle. I first laid out all the patterned strip in the different colour ways. I could then see what I had more and less of.

 A close up of the different designs

I then separated the darks and lights.

Lighter patterns

Darker patterns

I often find it difficult to decide what colours and designs go well together. I prefer some kind of structure to my quilt, I like to organise and arrange my fabrics around until I have symmetry to my quilt. This pattern isn't so structured, so I'm a little out of my comfort zone. I've had a play around with the colours I feel a lot better about making a start. People don't always understand how much we think about the quilt before we've even started. It's all part of the journey of making our quilts.

Now the fun begins, pinning and sewing.

Ps - I've had to take these photos with my phone, not the best quality, sorry. 

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