Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Creative Weekend

I hope you all enjoyed your Bank Holiday Weekend. It's a great opportunity to get back into your Crafting Projects. I decided to head down to Serendipity in Louth to buy myself some Annie Sloan Paint. I found a lovely little Sewing Table in a Local Charity Shop and decided to restore it over the weekend. The Paint is brilliant, you just need to clean the woodwork and you're ready to go. I'll definitely be using it again.

My husband bought me some Liberty Fabric from London for Christmas. He picked two Designs, one I would never have picked. I fell in love with them both. I'd looking at them and think about what I'd use them for. I knew it had to be something special so I decided to line my Sewing Table with it. I'm so happy with how it turned out. The Paint really picks out the colours in the Fabric.

That's the thing with Fabric, it can be used for so many different Projects it's truly individual to you. I love the freedom you get from this, although it may take a bit of time to get there it's so worth it.

I'd love to hear what Projects you're working on - Helen - 

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