Monday, 2 June 2014


I hope you've all had a great weekend. I've been busy working on my Quilt for the next Window Display. I'm using the Mettler Multi Thread. It's the first time I've used this thread and the quality and effects are second to none. I'm only ever going to use this thread from now on. It's so smooth on my machine. 

Exciting News * I have Dawn Cameron-Dick visiting the Shop for a Demo Day on Thursday 26th June. I'll be adding all the information this week *

Look at these Multi Colours

On a different note I'll be Opening the Shop slightly later on Friday 6th June. The Little Fabric Store will be Open 12pm - 5pm. This is due to my youngest son's Sports Day, his last in his Junior School Year. I'll also be Closing early on Thursday 12th June 9.30am - 1pm as it's Nathan's End of School Play. 

As I'm running the Shop on my own I've had to change the Opening hours on these days. Nathan had a talk with me last night, he's been feeling left out since I opened my Shop. It didn't half pull on my little heart strings. It's the internal battle us mum's have at times. So, I've never missed any of his School Events and I hope you understand why I'm putting my Family first on these dates too.

Me with my daughter Lauren & son's Brad & Nathan

My husband Dan has been amazing throughout my Business Venture

- I couldn't have done this without them routing for me -

- A big "Thank You" to all my customers for your understanding & continued support - 


  1. Well said! You can't buy back time with your family after they have grown up and flown the nest. Your shop is a lovely place to visit after they have though!

  2. Thanks Sarah, your message means a lot to me :)