Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Love Where You Live

I live in a Town called Great Grimsby in Lincolnshire UK. Great Grimsby was once one of the Largest Fishing Port in the World. It has many Beautiful Parks in the Town. I've walked around "People's Park" for 15 years taking my Children to School. My youngest Son starts his new Senior School in September. I have very Happy Memories of Where I Live.

My Garden is filled with Roses, Lavender & Foxgloves

- Peoples Park -

The Gazebo overlooking the Pond taken through the Rose Garden

This Old Conker Tree brings much fun to Children Young & Old in the Autumn 

An Old Hidden Path covered in Daisies 

The Bandstand were Events are held throughout the Summer 

 In the distance is the Bowling House with it's Green & Croquet Lawn

The Open Grassed area showing all the different coloured Trees 


Now what has this to do with Crafting & Sewing you say. I'm a big believer in Creating your own World and in it, the People and Places you Love. Being Positive & Happy and surrounding yourself with all the Beauty of Summer makes me want to be Creative. Summer Bunting, Garden Cushions, Quilted Play Mat Games are some of the things I'd like to make.

I've spoken to a lot of Ladies in the Shop and most are in the Garden this time of year, weather permitting. Some of them have even confessed they've enjoyed a Rainy Day to finish a much loved Project. England is so Green in the Summer, hence we have a few thundery showers but who cares if we can get the best out of Crafting and a Beautiful Garden too :) 

So, Do You Love Where You Live? I Know I Do - Helen - 

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