Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Sewing

The weather isn't the best at the moment. I thought it'd be nice to look back at my Summer Sewing Projects. I really love Sewing in the Summer, I quite like the sun streaming through my dining room, music on in the background, relaxing. 

I've entered the world of Dress making & I'm happy with the results. Once you start, it makes you look at clothes differently. The clothes hanging in my wardrobe have been altered to fit, yes to actually fit ME... and they've had a new lease of life. I watched "This Old Thing" with Dawn O'Porter. Dawn has some great Sewing Guides on her site, well worth a visit. Her Programme was a great inspiration for people to try Vintage Clothing and also alter the way they fit. It's taken me a long time to actually find a style of clothing that suits me. There's so many different trends & styles out at the moment, how do you know what will suit you. It's very trial & error but eventually I think I've found my style.

A lot of my dresses are too long in the body so I've taken in the top shoulder seams to shorten them and hand sewn along the bust line.

- A selection of Dresses altered over the Summer - 

The Original Dress

I pinned the Shoulder Seam in place

After altering the Shoulder Seam I also pinned the Cross Section on the bust line to ensure no Gaping. I've then sewn the fabric together.


The Original Dress pinned at the Bust line

Hand sewn in place at the Bust line


I bought this Dress in the Sale. It was a couple of sizes too big. Whilst wearing the Dress my trusted aid (my husband) pinned along the side and under the arm. I then created the new side seams. 
Ta Da, a new Dress at a Bargain Price that fits.


I used the "Sew Over It" Shift Dress Pattern to make 2 tops this summer. One in a Floral Fabric from Chloe's Closet for Moda. The second I used fabric from "Petite Street" by Wendy Kendall for Dashwood Studio. I really like the way these fit it's a really versatile pattern. You can purchase the pattern & Petite Street fabric from the Shop.

Sew Over It Shift Dress Pattern using Chloe's Closet 1930's Playtime Collection

- Petite Street Fabric - 

I've also finished my Miette Skirt Designed by Tilly from The Great British Sewing Bee. It fits beautifully. I used the Denim Linen I have in Stock priced at £9.00 a metre. I pre-washed the fabric and it just looks brilliant. It has a silvery sheen to it and it's so soft too, I'm very happy with the results. You can purchase the pattern from the Shop too, win, win. (I'm wearing the skirt on the Group "SEW NOW" photo).

- The Sewing Session on Saturday - 

- Me with my Afternoon Group making place mats. I love my Miette Skirt - 

- My morning Group (I forgot to take a photo of Jo) sewing our Hexagons & Ice-Creams - 

Due to popular demand I can now accommodate 6 people at the "SEW NOW" Saturday sessions. I'm also extending my Opening hours, the Shop will be open until 4pm on Tuesday's starting the 9th September. "SEW NOW" sessions will be available on Tuesday afternoon's 1.30pm - 3.30pm. Please contact me to book a place.

I'd love to hear about your Clothing Creations. I've been following Rachel, a customer that visited my Shop whilst visiting family in Louth. Rachel's Blog - Sew South London - is well worth a visit. Rachel is always trying different patterns & fabrics available. I have the Mathilde Pattern available at the Shop, (I have mine cut out ready to make, can't wait), Rachel has already made this top, it look great too. Well worth checking out.

I've loved my Summer Sewing. It's a time when you sew things for you, you can be selfish in the Summer. Now we move into the Autumn months our sewing will turn to Christmas Projects for Family & friends. It's so exciting making these special gifts, you have just as much enjoyment from making them as the person who receives them. I can't wait.


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