Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Friendships

Whilst building my Business I've made many friends along the way. Some fellow Crafters & others just starting their Creative journey. I met Kathy over the Summer. Kathy's father had sadly passed away & had travelled from Sydney,  Australia to be with her extended family. New to Sewing Kathy visited my Shop and bought some Fabrics to make Napkins. I had a lovely Singer Sewing Machine on loan in my window which prompted her to find out if her mother's machine was repairable, unfortunately it wasn't. I was overjoyed when she asked if I'd like to use it for my window display. I managed to display her treasured mother's sewing machine in my window.

Kathy also wanted to make her Napkins before heading back to Oz so Kathy asked if she could have a one to one Sewing Session at the Shop. We had a great time, sharing life experiences whilst making her beautiful Napkins. 

- Kathy working on her Napkins - 

- Me & Kathy -

- Kathy's finished Napkins - 

Kathy is now back home is Oz were it's now Spring. She has already proudly used her mitred cornered Napkins. I love knowing that a piece of Fabric you buy inspires you to make something and then has a story to tell. How wonderful that Kathy's Napkins will transport her back to her past in Louth, with fond memories both Old & New.

- Helen - 


  1. Oh, that's a lovely, tear-jerking post. Beautiful napkins too.