Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Field Guide

Autumn is here, I love the way a new season sparks memories. Bonfire Night, I just can't get enough of the smell in the air and how it transports me back to my childhood.

This beautiful Collection by Janet Clare - A Field Guide - is now in stock. It's Janet's second Collection for Moda, a UK Designer. With it's muted natural tones it works wonderfully for the Autumn Season. Janet's inspiration came from her boys who were always collecting things whilst out & about. These then became special treasures.

- Priced at £3.00 a Fat Quarter / £12.00 a metre -

I'm making a Quilted Hand Sewn Cushion to show case these fabrics. It's such a timeless Collection, can you tell I love it - Helen - 


  1. Beautiful them all. Would love to make a quilted cushion. Cant wait to see yours.

    1. I'm so pleased you like them too. I'll be adding some basic instructions once my cushion is completed, hopefully you'll be able to make your own. Thanks again - Helen -