Thursday, 13 August 2015

Nature Trail

I hope you're all enjoying the Summer. My lovely sister in law Mandy did a fantastic job holding the fort whilst on my holiday's. I was very excited to get back to the Shop especially as this week Dashwood Studio's newest Collection arrived 'Nature Trail". Designed by Bethan Janine this "whimsical nature inspired collection" is full of Woodland animals and Autumn foliage. It's background colours are teal & rose pinks making this collection perfect for most sewing projects.

- Nature Trail - 

I've been travelling through Europe for the last 2 weeks celebrating my husbands 40th. We booked an interail train ticket and hopped down through France & Switzerland until we reached Barcelona, then back up to Paris. There was so much to see and take in. I witnessed an amazing light show which was shown on the side of the Cathedral in Strasbourg. They were celebrating 1,000 years of the Cathedral. Barcelona had tiles that looked like quilts and Paris had amazing architecture. I want to create an embroidery using all these images. I had plans to start while away but never got the opportunity, I was having too much fun :) I did make some sketches though and made a start on my mini hexi quilt, this was perfect for the train (picture to follow). I visited a couple of fabric shops of course, both in Strasbourg - Papa Pique et Maman Could & La droguerie both brilliant shops. 

- Strasbourg Cathedral - 

- These tile designs look like a Quilt - 

- The amazing architecture of the Eiffel Tower, a design I'll incorporate in my embroidery -

- Me & my youngest son Nathan at the Arc de triomphe -

On my travels I've come to realise how important it is to get out there and experience the world, even if it's to the local park. These encounters provoke ideas & creativity whether it be cooking, crafting or photography. I'm looking forward to making my embroidery and for it to tell the story of my travels - Helen - 


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