Friday, 2 October 2015

Janet Clare

I'm pleased to announce The Little Fabric Store are proud stockist of Janet Clare's Books & Artisan Apron pattern. I already stock Janet's wonderful Moda Collections, More Hearty Good Wishes, A Field Guide & Nocturne, with The Wordsmith due 2016. The books are a wonderful addition to any ones sewing library, they also make great gift too. I must confess how this all came about. After Channel hopping I came across the Create & Craft channel, something I don't get to watch very often. Janet Clare was promoting her books and apron. I watched the whole thing, totally captivated. Janet's way of creating her pieces are so inspiring, it's very organic. The way her pieces tell a story and have such a personal touch. Well I know you'll understand this, I actually dreamt about having her captivating books in the Shop. I had to act and I'm so pleased I did. I hope you'll enjoy these welcome additions to the Shop. 

- Janet's Artisan Apron £9.99 -
"Wear your own Creativity"

A Field Guide has quilt patterns as well as small sewing projects
There's also some knitting patterns, what a perfect combination
Shown alongside the Moda Fabric Collection
Book priced at £16.99 

The Wordsmith contains beautiful inspiring imagery & ideas
Priced at £19.99
Shown alongside More Hearty Good Wishes & Nocturne 


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