Thursday, 28 January 2016

Blend Fabrics

I didn't get chance to post last week. I'm glad to say it's due to the Shop being so busy. I think we've all got the creative bug this month. My Sale is still on and will continue in the first week of February. Plenty of time to be inspired and get yourself a bargain.

Well I've settled into January. There's no cut backs for me this month, it's total hibernation time. I'm surrounded by Patchwork & Wool and maybe a sneaky Damson Gin too :) I don't know how it happens but my projects seem to spread around the living room, my poor suffering family. I doesn't help with the announcement from my youngest son "this house is getting way to girly". Sorry about that.

So I know Christmas seems so long ago but did you manage to get any projects started/finished. I must admit I did get some time to make & ponder new projects. I finished my Poncho, knitted a new hat (whilst watching Puss in Boots on Boxing Day), started on a new Poncho, finished a Patchwork cushion & started on our new "Sew Now" block of the month quilt. I'm very excited about this new project. It'll be a combination of Patchwork (EEP) and Appliqué. We'll also be quilting as we go. It's all very exciting. You can make this at the "Sew Now" sessions held at the Shop. 

- This is a Bergere Pattern. 
I bought the Wool from A Good Yarn -

This pattern was in Mollie Makes (issue 60) it's designed by Elen Angharad 
My eldest son bought the Wool & Needles 
for me for Christmas from Love Knitting

I had the front of my second patchwork cushion finished about 4 months ago. I finally got round to putting on the back!
I'm so pleased with the result of my UFO (un-finished objects). 
A matching pair of handmade cushions. 
(You can make your own at my sewing sessions)

This is the first quilt as you go square. A different block is made for each month. - Make this at the Sewing sessions -

There's also some lovely new fabrics for 2016. 

I've added Blend Fabrics - Faraway Forest - 

"a whimsical woodland collection by Lizzie Mackay.  Charming critters, dainty flora, scenic views and her signature parade of animals set in a palette of soft, earth tone colours create the perfect canvas for your next sewing project".

I hope you've all enjoyed some creative time over these winter months. 
- Helen - 


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