Friday, 24 February 2017

Good Old Blighty Quilt

I started working on Janet Clare's "Good Old Blighty Quilt" in December. It's now finished and finally up in the window. I've loved working on this, from choosing fabrics from my scraps, to the embroidery & hand quilting the shipping lanes. The pattern is from Janet's "Hearty Good Wishes". This book has so many fantastic projects, I want to make them all. They all work wonderfully in the home and they're not always over girly. I have no problem with girly but my son did tell me a few years ago "our house is getting way to girly mum". I always get the thumbs up when I've made a Janet Clare project. 

- "Good Old Blighty Quilt - 
I used a selection of Janet Clare prints, 
linen & a bit of Liberty too for the appliquĂ© 

Janet Clare's New Moda Collection
"Aubade - Song to the Dawn

- Kathy Schmitz New Moda Collection - Garden Notes - 

Last weekend I went walking in my favourite woodland. I always discover some great finds for my shop window. The branch in the window was from there. I somehow manage to get them in the car too :) 

This winter/spring visit your favourite place whether it be the woods or coast. Along with these fabrics, books & patterns I hope you'll be inspired you to make something special this year. 

- Helen - 


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