Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Thank you so much for all your support throughout 2013. Six months into my business and things are on the up. I can't wait to show you the new Fabric Collections from Moda in the New Year and I'll let you all know when the Pom Pom Makers are back in stock. I've order the little ones too.

I've made quite a few gifts this year which I've loved doing. I actually have to finish quilting my son's American Quilt by tomorrow evening, no pressure. Why do we do it to ourselves :) During Christmas I'd like to finish my Winters Lane Quilt too, not far off actually. 

I'm really looking forward to new Projects too. What have you got planned?

Have a lovely Christmas with family and friends. I have my mum and brother over for Christmas Eve night where we'll enjoy our Christmas Dinner. I'm so looking forward to it.

My Etsy shop will be open and I'll be back at Louth Market on January 4th 2014 ready for the Quilting Season.

Merry Christmas - Helen -

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kirstie's Crafty Christmas

I watched Kirstie's Crafty Christmas this week, not only did I love the programme but also the knock on effect it had on my Pom Pom Maker Sales on my Etsy Shop. As you can see from other posts I've loved my Pom Pom Maker ever since I bought it a year ago. I've used it for so many different decorations and even used it to decorate my stall before my sign arrived.

I've currently sold out of my Pom Pom Makers but have placed an order for more. I'll also be stocking the little small Pom Pom's used on Kirstie's Christmas Hat. So hopefully they'll be available again soon.

Thanks to Kirstie's Programme and to everyone who's bought the Pom Pom Makers. All great news for The Little Fabric Store - Helen - 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Pom Pom Makers are back!!!

Yes, Pom Pom Makers are now back in stock. I love these, some of you may have seen me on my Stall making them. I know you can use cardboard circles but when I'm making lots of Pom Pom's I was soon bored. With the Clover Pom Pom Maker it was so much fun and easier than it looks, children love them. These can be purchased from my Etsy Shop or at Louth Market for £5.99. The pack contains 1 large & 1 small Pom Pom Maker. 

I decorated my Hallway this year with Pom Pom's and Paperchains.

My Festive Hallway

I also stock Clover Patchwork Templates. These are available in Square & Octagon also Triangle & Hexagon. These can also be purchased for £5.99. I take these to Craft Events and my Stall as they're a portable and sociable way of Sewing. There are some great Craft books available with patterns for English Paper Piercing. It's a great way to use scraps and clothes you love but no longer wear. 

I hope you're all feeling Festive is then run up to Christmas. It's a busy time for us all. I've been frantically making things for Christmas Gifts. I'm looking forward to sharing these projects in the New Year. What have you been making this year? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by - Helen - 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

American Jane

I know we all have a lot to do in the run up to Christmas. Here are some more New Fabrics that will get you feeling all creative for your New Year Projects. 

American Jane - Pot Luck -  

These are available as metre/half metre cuts (£11.00 a metre) or in Bundles (£13.00 5 Fat Quarters in a Bundle). You can visit my Etsy Store to see what Bundles I have available. Anyone wishing to make a Christmas Present purchase can request a Gift receipt. They can exchange any Fat Quarters from the Bundle with this receipt at my Louth Market Stall.

The Little Fabric Store will be at Lisle Marsden Christmas Fair on Friday 6th December at 3.20pm, Louth Market on Saturday 7th December and the Christmas Fair at the Memorial Hall on Sunday 8th December. I look forward to seeing you there - Helen - 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

New Fabric

I've had a busy few weeks, lots of Christmas Craft Events. I love hearing about the projects you'll be making with the Fabrics bought from The Little Fabric Store. I've had a few more photos coming in of your lovely makes. You can see these on my "Hall of Fame" page.

My stall at the "Grimsby Minster Fabulous Christmas Fair" organised by the Culture House

I'm so excited about this Collection. It's by Kate & Birdie Paper Co - Bluebird Park - They also designed one of my favourites, Winters Lane.

You can purchase these for £11.00 a metre at my Stall at Louth Market, also at Craft Events. I have Bundles available to buy on my Etsy Site. Thanks for dropping by - Helen - 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas Fairs

We're heading towards that exciting time of the year. I love Christmas, there's always lots to do, making and organising. I love the moment you find a pattern that will make the perfect present for someone. The love and time that goes into your handmade gifts make it even more exciting when you give them their beautifully wrapped present. 

The Little Fabric Store will be at some brilliant Events in the run up to Christmas. I'll be selling my Fat Quarter Bundles in various Designs and Colour Combinations. Dress Patterns are also available as well as inspirational Books with plenty of ideas. Pom Pom Makers also make a great stocking filler. These all make perfect gifts.

The Little Fabric Store will be at The Fabulous Christmas Fair which is taking place on Saturday 16th & Thursday 21st November. 

Healing Primary School Christmas Market is on Sunday 24th November and Lisle Marsden Primary Academy Christmas Fair is on Friday 6th December. I'll also be at The Memorial Hall on Sunday 8th December.

The Little Fabric Store will also be at Louth's Christmas Market on Sunday 15th December. I'll also be at Louth every Saturday from 18th January 2014. Hope to see you at some of these amazing Events - Helen - 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Hall of Fame

I've added a new Page the "Hall of Fame". I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase people's craft projects using Fabric bought from The Little Fabric Store. I love seeing what you've made, colour combinations and who it's for. This is job satisfaction for me :)

This Cushion was made by Emma - Em TeaCup

This lovely Pram Blanket sent in by Denise

With lots of Christmas Craft Events coming up there's now so many opportunities to buy Handmade presents and source Fabric from The Little Fabric Store to make your own. I was lucky enough to be interviewed for The Grimsby Evening Telegraph about a brilliant Event at The Grimsby Minster. It's well worth a visit on Saturday 16th November & Thursday 21st November

Hope to see more of your photos soon - Helen - 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Matching Points

I've recently been working on a Quilt for my son. I decided to really think about matching up my points. On all my other Quilts I've always been so excited about seeing the end result, I'd not given this as much attention as I should have. Ironing my seams the opposite way to my next row will ensure a nice snug fit when pinning and sewing together. Click on the link below for more helpful advice. 

I recently showed you how to cut your own 2 1/2 inch strips. I've now put the main panel together on my Quilt. Here's a basic step by step guide to my Quilt in progress.

Firstly pin your strips together to make your instructed rows

After sewing your strips together you will create a large row which I then cut into squares

Arrange your squares together to your required design and sew to make your rows. Number your rows so you know which order to sew them in.

Once happy with your design pin rows together and sew your completed panel

My next step is to add another row with the red strip. I feel that will balance out the look of my Quilt. I also need a border and backing. I'm looking forward to finishing this for Christmas. The Winters Lane Collection has a Wintery Christmasy feel about it. I see this coming out every Christmas for years to come.

Please contact me with any questions, I'm happy to help - Helen - 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Serendipity Dress Patterns

I'm delighted to inform you, The Little Fabric Store now stocks Serendipity Boutique Chic Dress Patterns. These are designed by Kay Whitt, an American Designer living in Texas.  

Here's a description of Kay's Patterns taken from her website (

"The dress and tunic patterns from Serendipity's Boutique Chic line were specifically designed for easy construction, simple enough for beginning sewers, yet offering a variety of optional embellishments and variations to satisfy creativity at all levels of experience. Designs in this collection feature multi-sized tissue patterns in seven sizes XXS - XXL. " 

The Sally Shirt Dress

The Marilyn Dress

The Betty June Dress

The Monique Dress

These can be purchased for £9.00 (Post & Package not included) at my Stall in Louth or at up and coming Events in the run up to Christmas (Girls, Girls, Girls on Sunday 20th October). I will also be adding these to my Etsy Shop next week. I can't wait to get started on these patterns myself.

- Helen - 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Loving Louth

I've really been enjoying Saturday's at my Market Stall in Louth. I've met some great people and enjoyed hearing about their sewing projects. It gives me great job satisfaction when I know people are buying Moda Fabrics to create wonderful handmade things. Thanks for such a wonderful welcome Louth.

Me at my Stall

The view from my Stall

The Market Place

There's some great business in the Market Place. Larders Coffee House  is a great place to get coffee and cake. They also have a stall selling fresh coffee beans. Little Bits of Louth sells unique images of Louth. 

I hope you'll visit Louth and say hello, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday - Helen -

Friday, 11 October 2013

Autumn Fabrics

This new Collection has been Designed for Moda by Sweetwater
- Road 15 - 

The inspiration for this Collection came from their Childhood Home. I really like the Houses print. These are available to purchase from my Etsy Shop and at my events - Helen - 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Fabrics

I've received my Autumn Fabric Collections and I'm very excited. Here's "S'More Love" by Eric & Julie Comstock. The inspiration for this Collection came from their Scrap Book Characters. I feel there's a 1950's inspired look to some of the designs. I love the bold Autumn tones.

I'll be at Louth Market on Saturday the 5th October were you'll be able to purchase these fabrics. Fabrics shown are £11 a metre. I'll also be adding Fat Quarter Bundles to my Etsy Shop shortly. Hope to see you there - Helen - 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Star Struck

Whilst on my Creative Journey I've quietly followed inspiring people through their blogs. I've never commented or made contact up until now. I recently took the plunge and contacted some of these creative folk and I was "Star Struck" when they responded. I couldn't stop smiling.

Since reading Mollie Makes Magazine, I was introduced to a world where I felt part of a Creative Community, which was global. By surrounding myself around creative happy people, either through the internet, magazines and sewing groups, I found it brought out the best in me.

Mollie Makes have some great articles and projects. I came across "Lola Nova" and loved her ideas using scraps of fabric. I was new to sewing and this seemed achievable, which was a relief for me! Alexandra blogs about crafting and her life in Portland, Oregon. 

"Dottie Angel" is a Brit living in America, I love her style of writing. Tif makes Dresses to Dream for. Her collection inspired me to start dressmaking.

My Dottie Angel inspired Dress

Posie Get's Cozy is written by Alicia Paulson who also lives in Portland, Oregon. I made her adorable "Miss Maggie Rabbit". Alicia's photography shows her warm and inviting home with home cooked food, beautifully knitted items and Liberty Patchwork Quilts.

I thank these lovely ladies who have helped me along the way. Who's helped you on your Creative Journey? Was it a relative, friend or sewing groups. I gave a talk to my local Widow's Group about The Little Fabric Store. They told me what they used to make and spoke of their mothers and grandmothers. There's a whole missed generation out there who have not been passed on this knowledge. If we can share what we know not only does it bring immense pleasure but also the joy of making for themselves and others.